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Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

What are New Horizons Computer Learning Centers?
  • New Horizons is the world’s largest IT training school. We have 250+ education centers in 35 countries (and all 50 states) helping students get skilled and certified in leading technologies.
How long have you been around?
  • 35 Years – we were the first to start offering computer training classes in 1982 in Orange County, CA.
Who should go to New Horizons?
  • Students with a passion for technology, computers, tinkering, fixing things, helping others, and generally inquisitive minds do well here. This is a great path for students who consider themselves ‘college-bound’ and those who don’t. Many of our students are creative and all enjoy the challenge of problem-solving.
Are you licensed/accredited?
  • We are licensed through state regulating agencies, we are not an accredited institution.

Financial Aid

What financial aid do you offer?
  • We work with students to find the most cost-effective and realistic funding approach. We offer scholarships, merit, and need-based grants, as well as resources for Veterans, their spouses, and children. We also help students explore state and federal funding options. View all our funding options: http://nhcd.com/funding-options/.

Our Programs

What programs do you offer?
  • Enrollment is now open for our associate and professional IT programs. You can find information on all of our programs here: http://nhcd.com/programs/
How long do programs run?
  • Programs range from 2-8 months.
How much are programs?
  • Total tuition including course materials ranges from $7-21K
What credentials can students get?
  • Every course includes exam vouchers for the related industry certifications. Classes are designed to prepare students for high-demand tech certifications by CompTIA, Cisco, and Microsoft.
How do I access class recordings?
  • Log into your account, click on ‘My Training’ (if class is not over) ‘My Transcript’ (if class is completed). Click on specific class, click on ‘Recordings’, and select specific day.
Can I get a copy of my transcript or class completion certificate?
  • Send an email request to Student Affairs. Remember to let them know if it must be an ‘Official Transcript’ so it is signed.

Contact Student Affairs Here

Certification Exams

I did not receive exam prep material. What do I do?
  • Check your spam folder first to see if you received an email with the subject: XVOUCHER. Not there? Send email to Student Affairs and ask for any exam prep material you need or have not received
How do I receive my exam voucher?
What do I have to do to get a 2nd exam voucher?
  • Email Student Affairs for assistance with obtaining a second exam voucher.
My exam prep no longer works. How can I get access?
  • Enrollments and Reschedules
How do I reschedule my class?
  • Email Student Affairs and they will reschedule your classes for you.

Contact Student Affairs Here

Career Services

What kind of jobs do you prepare me for?
  • We help prepare students for IT and IT-related careers, including cybersecurity, networking, IT support, project management, and business administration. There are more than 300,000 IT job openings in the US alone (CompTIA.com). Job titles are vast, and we train our students what to look for when searching.
How do you help students get a job?
  • Students connect with our Career Services team for help with resumes, interviews, and job seeking. Our goal is to have our students working within 60 days of graduation. All of our graduates also enjoy Lifetime Career Services.

Do You Still Have Any Unanswered Questions?

Do You Still Have Any Unanswered Questions?