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Each month, New Horizons’ Career Consultants talk to hundreds of individuals interested in increasing their job skills to move to the next stage in their careers. To ensure our students will be successful in their educational endeavors, New Horizons has implemented the use of the Wonderlic Scholastic Exam to test student aptitude.

About the Wonderlic Assessment

New Horizons uses the Wonderlic Scholastic Exam (SLE). The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) is a short-form measure of cognitive ability (“ability to learn”)—the most powerful predictor of training and job success.

Given research and user experiences, the SLE is often used in educational settings to improve:

  • Student retention
  • Graduation rates
  • Employment placement rates
  • Student and instructor satisfaction

The SLE helps New Horizons:

  • Evaluate training potential and place students in programs that suit learning speed and aptitude
  • Identify students who may need additional help in the classroom
  • Quickly identifies students who have the ability to be successful
  • Achieve the goals of stronger student performance and retention

Scoring Results

Wonderlic utilizes the Department of Labor’s O*NET database as a framework for determining occupational minimum scores based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of the position targeted by the educational training.

To assist New Horizons in setting minimum acceptable scores on the Scholastic Level Exam, Wonderlic has provided a list of O*NET titles and O*NET codes with the recommended SLE scores. The SLE minimum acceptable scores are determined by subtracting one standard deviation (i.e., 7 points) from the occupational minimum score in consideration of the skills and knowledge that individuals will acquire during the program. This determination is based on guidance provided by the Department of Education as well as additional research and feedback.