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August 31, 2019
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It’s Always Back to School

It's Always Back to School
It's Always Back to School

September, and a young (or older) professional’s fancy turns to… self-improvement!!

‘Tis the Season

Different times of the year bring out different feelings. Come December everyone is busily selecting gifts for their loved ones and feeling good about the joy of giving. February and loving couples celebrate each other. November is a time of thankfulness and appreciation.

September also brings special feelings.

The anticipation of new beginnings as they plan to return to school excites students and their families. These particular feelings are worth a deeper look. As you see them in the people around you, think about what those feelings meant and mean to you.

Students may resonate with the social aspects, but their parents are clearly focused on the years ahead and how this time marks the beginning of the next step along the path.


It’s Always Back to School

When you think about the truly happy, successful, fulfilled people you know, there’s one thing about them of which you can be absolutely certain. For them, it’s always “Back-to-School” time. They are lifelong learners, voracious consumers of new information and new skills. They’re always seeking something new to add to their inventory of knowledge.

There are often events, times in our lives when remembering these feelings serve us well.

Perhaps you’ve been working for the same employer for a long time and it suddenly catches up with you that you haven’t had a promotion or salary increase in some time. You’re hitting a career dead-end and, deep inside, you know it.

Sometimes when you stop to think about it you may realize that you really haven’t learned anything new in quite some time. You feel a sense of stagnation.

You may come to realize that the career you’ve pursued is not the career of your dreams. You may be very successful at what you do, but if it doesn’t bring you satisfaction you eventually become resentful.


Go Back to School

The definition and the parameters of “school” have changed. It no longer represents a multi-year commitment at a purely academic institution that may cost a bundle.

And it doesn’t have to start in September. In fact, you can start on the path to new learning, fresh skills, and perhaps even a new pursuit at just about any time. Today “school” may represent a six-month program, reasonable fees, and truly full preparation for a job position of your choice.

It’s focused so that everything you’re learning is directly relevant to what you want to do.

Add to that the flexibility to schedule your new learning experience when it’s convenient for you, to accommodate your current job, or child care responsibilities.

Anyone at any age is eligible to make the choice to stop struggling, overcome inertia, eliminate the obstacles that stand in your way and get back to school.


New Horizons Helps

New Horizons Computer Learning Center is the new definition of “school.” Our professional and technical programs are each designed to prepare you for a specific career. Schedule a free consultation with one of our Career Counselors to discuss funding options and create your personal roadmap to success.

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