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Explore the Experience: Becoming a Business Administrator

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Business administration professionals turn executive strategy and decision-making into action by managing and supervising the clerical, administrative, and other operational people in an organization. They focus on getting the work done and, more importantly, the results of that work.

Key Strengths: Action and Accountability

Effective business administrators go beyond just getting the work done, driving the most productivity possible out of the people they work with, and accounting carefully for the results and expense involved in obtaining them. The most important result of a business administrator’s work is increased profitability. This makes administrative roles very valuable and the opportunities for growth and promotion are significant.

To accomplish these results, the business administrator not only supervises personnel, they are deeply involved in hiring them, promoting them, motivating them, and developing the policies and procedures which guide their work. They are also involved in decisions that drive constant improvement within the operations of the organization, including technology improvements as well as procedure, policy, procurement, and other processes.

A Day in the Life: The Business Administrator Experience

Each day can be richly varied for people in this role. You’ll most likely begin each day meeting with your team to review the day’s planned work and reminding them why their results are so important to the company. This is also an excellent opportunity to announce any company news, such as process, policy, and procedural changes, planned growth through mergers, acquisitions, or organic expansion, and others.

Some administrators also find this to be a great time to ask for input from their teams, which not only holds the possibility of identifying great new improvement opportunities, but also inspires confidence in team members that their ideas and thoughts matter.

As you move into the day, you will find yourself reviewing new reports to determine productivity levels and identify ways to improve. You may need to discuss these issues with executives, managers, or the people doing the work.

You’ll also invest time in scheduling meetings, creating and updating timelines for various projects, evaluating quality and timeliness of work performed.

Many business administrators have responsibility for negotiating various contracts and agreements, which requires a sound understanding of the company’s priorities and what makes an agreement good.

“Management by walking around” is also a valuable part of staying in close touch with what your teams are doing. Simply showing up at their work locations to share praise, ask questions, discuss challenges you may be able to help with is a great way to improve relationships while keeping close tabs on what is actually happening with your teams.

Skills Required

Effective business administrators are highly effective communicators both verbally and in written form. Given the rich variety of people they need to interact with they must be highly flexible, very patient, and able to demonstrate strong leadership skills.

Improvement of processes, procedures, people, and more is an expectation of this role, so the successful business administrator will also be a very creative person who can innovate new solutions. But, it will be critical to balance looking to the future with paying attention to the present, solving today’s problems by paying strict attention to every detail.

Given how richly varied these activities are, you’ll need to be able to juggle priorities constantly, and expect to often find yourself multi-tasking. This is a role that will keep you busy, never bored.

Is This for YOU?

Those who thrive on the leadership track will find business administration to be an excellent stepping stone to accelerate their progress along their path. For you, there’s a very powerful excitement to leading and being part of a successful team.

If you’re someone who prefers to know exactly what each day will bring, and just do their work as an individual contributor, you will not be likely to enjoy this role.

The skills and experience required for promotion to successively higher levels of executive management are first obtained in the role of business administrator, a great place to begin your rise to the top.