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Career Planning is a Team Effort

IT CAREER | New Horizons Computer Learning Center Career Development
IT CAREER | New Horizons Computer Learning Center Career Development

People seeking employment often come to feel very much alone, but you’re not. Whether you’re a high school graduate pursuing your first job, a veteran re-integrating to civilian life, or a working adult who wants to improve their career, or whose industry is forcing them to, you have a Career Team waiting to help you every step of the way.

Plan. Prepare. Pursue. That’s the formula for success when seeking new employment. There are many reasons you may find yourself looking for new employment.

  • You may be graduating or have just graduated from high school. The skyrocketing cost of college education may have you looking for a better, less costly path to a great career.
  • You may be working in a dead-end job and feel the need to shift to a better opportunity. Or your industry may have been disrupted by new developments and suddenly find yourself unable to support your family without making a change.
  • You may be a parent whose children have become self-sufficient and you feel the need to return to the working world.
  • You may be a veteran returning from military service with acquired skills, but no clarity as to where to best apply them.

Your First Concern – Paying for Training

While you may think figuring out what kind of career you want to pursue is the first step in your process, most people first worry about how they’re going to find the money to afford the training they’ll need.

There are many potential answers to this concern, and they all depend upon your history and circumstances. Veterans re-entering the workforce have many benefits available to them, as do many other groups of people. This is the first thing a New Horizons Career Consultant helps you with; finding those benefit programs that you qualify for and helping you apply for them.

They can also share with you their experience with other people like you who have conducted similar searches. Ultimately, you’ll come out with a clear direction to proceed in.

Scheduling Can Be Tricky

Those who wish to change careers and are still employed often find it difficult to schedule any kind of technical or professional training along with a full-time job. Whatever the challenge, your New Horizons Career Counselor helps you overcome it, working closely with you to accommodate your scheduling limitations by combining different training strategies into your program.

Training Never Really Ends

It has been our experience that our Instructors keep in touch with many of their past students. Sometimes they are answering questions and providing support. In other cases, they are helping their graduates who have succeeded in earning management positions to find talented potential employees. Often, it’s just a call to “talk tech”.

Begin With the End in Mind: Landing Your Next Job

Investing time, effort, and money in training without getting a better job at the end is like starting the car and not driving it anywhere.

Your New Horizons Career Advisor is driven to help you find a job that fully utilizes your new knowledge and skills. Over the years we’ve developed many excellent relationships with excellent employers who always keep us completely informed on new opportunities as they are becoming available. Their expertise and experience help them match you to the most ideal possible positions.

It Takes a Team

Our Career Team works diligently to find our New Horizons students a great job. There is no charge for these services, but the people on the team deliver outstanding value to every student. Start meeting your Career Team by calling the New Horizons location nearest you and asking to speak to a Career Consultant. They’ll get you started. Good hunting!!