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January 4, 2019
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Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life: Overcoming the Challenge
February 1, 2019

Veterans: From Military Back to Mainstream Employment

IT CAREER | New Horizons Computer Learning Center Career Development
IT CAREER | New Horizons Computer Learning Center Career Development

Veterans returning from military service face several challenges when returning to mainstream civilian employment. The good news is that many of the obstacles come from the veteran’s own concerns and can be overcome with some simple plain-spoken direction.

Veterans know more than most of us about fear. They’ve faced the worst kinds of fear, danger, and hazards most people ever confront. Yet the fear of returning to civilian life is also fraught with concerns about whether they will find meaningful work in mainstream industries, and whether they have the skills necessary to achieve employment in one of those positions.

The Good News

The good news is that it has been demonstrated time after time that military service conveys skills, discipline, and experience that can readily be applied to mainstream employment. The trick isn’t to determine if you have skills, it’s really more to determine which skills you have that are in greatest demand.

Many veterans are skeptical about this, but soon find that the right training and re-orientation can take the skills they gained during their service and adapt it to the new tasks they’ll be performing here back home.

IT is the way

We can set up your career journey while you read this blog.

The Better News

Employers often comment that one of the great things about hiring returning military veterans is that they are far more self-disciplined than most people. They “show up” when others don’t because they’re very mission-oriented which also makes them very dependable. Most important, employers find that veterans “have their heads screwed on straight.” They have no misperceptions about the relationship between employer and employee and they respect it. In fact, by and large, veterans have come to understand the high value of showing respect to everyone.

As a result, there is a high desire among employers to hire veterans for available positions.

VETERAN | New Horizons Computer Learning Center Career Development

The Best News

The best news is that the resources a veteran needs to help in their journey are readily available at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.

Our Career Consultants are thoroughly familiar with the many programs that are available to assist returning veterans financially and personally. They serve as a guide through these many different programs from a wide variety of agencies.

Our Career Counselors are added to the team when its time to navigate through all the courses available from New Horizons. These include not only technology training but also career and professional development programs in which veterans learn to adapt what they’ve learned during service to what they’ll encounter in the world of mainstream work.

As they proceed through courses each instructor becomes part of their team, each available for conversations outside of class to help with more complex concepts and techniques.

What To Do

The first thing your New Horizons team will want to do is to help you define, identify, and focus on opportunities that are right for you based on your individual history and profile. Which technologies? What level? What kind of environment? It will be important to head into this process with some of these answers comfortably firmed up.

You’ll then want to get your LinkedIn profile in order. Yes, this may sound surprising, but the overwhelming majority of employers look to LinkedIn to get deeper information than they can on a resumé. Be thorough, be detailed, and be proud as you list everything you’ve done and learned along the way. Seek endorsements and commendations from those you’ve worked with or studied within the past. These are very impressive and easy to gather on the interface.

Armed with great information from our Career Consultants and support from our Career Counselors you get to make all the choices. What kind of work will you pursue? What courses will you take in preparation? Every step of the way you’ll have the guidance and assistance of your team to assure that you enjoy every bit of benefit you’re qualified to receive in recognition of your service.

The certification that you earn some months later will immediately qualify you for a host of opportunities. According to the press there are currently hundreds of thousands of unfilled jobs waiting out there for you. Step up, call your nearest New Horizons center today and lets get started marching down a new path.