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December 17, 2018
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Turn Your Experience with Land Mines Into Your Own Gold Mine

Turn Your Experience With Land Mines Into Your Own Gold Mine

Turn Your Experience With Land Mines Into Your Own Gold Mine

Turn Your Experience With Land Mines Into Your Own Gold Mine

Those returning from military service often don’t realize the value they’ve developed in themselves, and how applicable it is to rewarding work back home in the civilian world. Here’s an example of how looking inward with more objectivity helps you identify paths that can lead you to great new successes.

Let’s go to extremes. You’re a military veteran returning to civilian life. While serving overseas you were responsible for one of the toughest, most dangerous jobs imaginable; clearing minefields.

The value of your work was undeniable. You literally cleared the way for people, materials, vehicles, and more to continue on their journeys. To do so, you had to painstakingly search for devices. When you found one, you had to carefully unearth it. Then you examined it to determine how to disarm it. Finally, you set about making that awful device harmless. The fact that you’re reading this suggests that you did so successfully, so hearty congratulations to you and thank you for your service.

IT is the way

We can set up your career journey while you read this blog.

What Next?

Many people in your situation, returning from service and seeking employment, start by looking to see what jobs are out there. This may not necessarily be the path to the best future that is available to you.

Instead, try starting with yourself. Examine the skills you’ve learned during your time in the military.

In our example above, our veteran is clearly a problem solver with tremendous patience and diligence. They understand how to use various devices to examine their surroundings. They have a steady hand and the understanding of mechanical devices required to disarm them. They also have tremendous personal courage and fortitude.

Now the question becomes “where can I apply these skills?”

Consider Technology

An August 2018 article in Forbes magazine reports, “According to recent estimates, there will be as many as 3.5 million unfilled positions in the industry by 2021.” Clearly, there is plenty of opportunity waiting for you there.

You’ve already worked details in your military career. You needed solid math skills to understand firing mechanisms. You needed advanced skill in correlating data and events to determine where the devices were located. You showed the kind of courage it sometimes takes to deal with irate computer users.

“Technology” is a very broad term. “Information Technologies (IT)” narrows it somewhat, but is still a very broad field. Your skills may be most applicable to data and network security, which you know there are huge needs for. Or you may enjoy fundamental routing and switching. Or application development. Or network management. The list continues on and on.

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How do You Choose Your Direction?

The answer to this question will, of course, vary with each individual, but one of our counselors at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers is your best starting point. They can help you evaluate which courses will lead to skills that relate well to your particular capabilities, helping you take the fullest possible advantage of your military experience and applying it to qualify you for the best of those 3.5 million opportunities waiting for you.

Most New Horizons courses are completed in just a few months, and your New Horizons Counselor will help you discover many programs that will help pay or, in some cases, completely fund your IT education. With the help of our placement services, you will find yourself actively pursuing and obtaining the kind of job you can enjoy and be most proud of.

Thanks again for the sacrifices you’ve made serving our country. It is our hope that we can help you turn the experience you gained dealing with things like land mines, and turn it into a career that will provide you with your own personal gold mine.