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September 19, 2018
IT CAREER | New Horizons Computer Learning Center Career Development
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November 16, 2018

Oh! You Know Tech? Let’s Talk!! Tech is NOT just for Techies!

Tech Is Not Just For Techies - New Horizons

Tech Is Not Just For Techies - New Horizons

Tech Is Not Just For Techies - New Horizons

Your first job will very likely be the hardest one to get. With little applicable work history and unproven skills, potential employers will be far more careful in their evaluation of you. One skill that gets immediate attention is your knowledge of technology. Companies need employees with tech skills in every department, not just the IT department. Here’s how to open doors to the job you want by leveraging your certifiable tech skills.

“Ask not what your company can do for you. Ask what you can do for your company!”

While that’s a paraphrase of President John F. Kennedy’s famous quote, it becomes highly applicable for job seekers during any interview. Yes, you do want a company that promotes your growth, compensates you properly, and offers competitive benefits, but there will be plenty of time to ask about that later on in the interview process.

When the interview begins, you’ll want to focus on making sure that the interviewer understands exactly how much you can do for their company. They’re hiring you to bring positive contributions that add to the company’s success, growth, and profitability.

Tech: It’s Not Just for Techies

It’s a mistake to think that technical abilities are only required for technical positions. In your lifetime, tech has become a much more prominent element of everyday life, permeating everything everyone does. You use tech to look up everything, unlike your parents who often looked things up in printed documents. You use more tech in your everyday communications than any generation ever has. Tech probably runs parts of your home, your car, and is a big part of the entertainment you consume.

Knowing a bit more, in more depth, about the tech you use every day actually sets you ahead of your contemporaries when interviewing for jobs. Your ability to more effectively use self-service portals for cloud resources makes you a “cut-above” candidate. A deeper understanding of important daily tasks such as data backup, network security, operating systems and other utilities used to keep everything in good running order will always make you stand out on interviews.

Companies are deeply concerned about issues like data and network security, regulatory compliance, and information governance. You coming into the interview with deeper knowledge speaks well of your maturity and the ease with which the company will integrate you into their user communities with confidence.


While many universities and other educational institutions are still accused of not providing more practical and pragmatic courses to their students, organizations like New Horizons Learning Centers continue to add more and more curricula designed specifically to prepare you for the world of work. The most productive use of office productivity tools, the importance of adhering to company security and regulatory policy, how to manage your information management tools most effectively, are all things you can learn more about.

Prepare for Non-Technical Roles

Especially if you are seeking a non-technical role you can dramatically increase your likelihood of landing the job you seek by talking with a New Horizons counselor about which courses will benefit your search most. Start that conversation today below