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Attend SpecTECHular – The Search Engine for Your Career

With 9 distinct tracks, 60 seminars and a newly introduced certificate of participation, this year marks the 10th Annual SpecTECHular New Horizons Virtual Summit on October 12, 2018. Here’s all the great reasons why you must mark that date on your calendar and let nothing deter you from attending the 10th!

“I really don’t know what I want to do next…”

Whether you’re happily employed, less-than-happily employed, or not yet employed you often find yourself asking yourself this question, “What next?”

The answer isn’t likely to come to you just from thinking about it. You need to explore your options. You need to consult a great search engine to see what’s out there to choose from.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look very far. Just enter “SpecTECHular” into your favorite search engine (or visit and plan to join us online on October 12, 2018.

What You’ll Find at SpecTECHular

A completely online all-day event that you attend from your most comfortable chair, SpecTECHular is our annual virtual summit which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

60 Seminars all in one day. Fortunately, they’re all distributed among 9 distinct tracks for you to choose from:

  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • CyberSecurity
  • Office of the CIO
  • IT Service Management
  • Cloud & the IoT
  • Leadership & Professional Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Intelligence & Excel

You get to pick and choose sessions to attend from any or all of these tracks, and your attendance is absolutely free. This way you can pick a few general directions to explore in, and focus on the ones that appeal to you most.

A Great Opportunity to Prepare for Opportunities

Many employers will appreciate the Certificate of Attendance you’ll receive for each seminar you attend. For those who are currently employed, take this opportunity to determine where your personal growth path should lead. Discuss with your employer to confirm that they would benefit from your exploration as well. For those seeking employment, add these Certificates to your portfolio.

SpecTECHular is designed to be your opportunity to prepare yourself for new opportunities. Learn more about the various paths available to you in technology today. Hear from industry experts and get your questions answered.

Dig Deeper at the SpecTECHular Registration Site

When you visit you’ll see the 9 tracks displayed. Click on any one of them and you’ll find yourself presented with a list of the seminars within that track. Each offers a brief explanation of the session along with the scheduled time. Register for those that appeal to you.

Along with the Certificate of Attendance, you’ll receive a copy of the recording of the session the very next day for your continued study. You’ll also have access to recordings of the sessions you couldn’t get to.

To receive SpecTECHular updates, visit our page on Yammer!

Shameless Plug

It’s no mystery that we have been presenting SpecTECHular for the past ten years as a great way to deliver high value to you, and encourage you to continue your pursuit through classes at the New Horizons Computer Learning Center nearest you, or through our online training courses. For more information, talk to a New Horizons counselor today

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