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August 16, 2018
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September 19, 2018

Get Proactive About Your Career Roadmap

IT CAREER | New Horizons Computer Learning Center Career Development

What could possibly be better to build than you? Your career. Your future.

Yet so many technology professionals move through their careers taking training as needed to fulfill job obligations, or respond to specific opportunities.

Wouldn’t you be personally better served by creating a career roadmap for yourself, and following it?

Planning Your Career Roadmap

Your most rewarding career roadmap is created by combining several important ingredients.

  1. You are the first and most important ingredient. What do you most enjoy doing? What gets you up in the morning excited to get to work? What fulfills you and brings purpose to your life? These are the most important questions for you to answer if your roadmap is going to take you to your own best possible place.
  2. Where You’re Coming From. Any map has two most important points. The first is the start of your journey, and that start is happening right now. You’ve already traveled down a road, and it’s important to know where that journey has already taken you. You need to start by knowing where you’re embarking from, but you’ll never get where you’re going unless you know…
  3. Where You Want to Go to. Here’s where the roadmap starts to get tricky. With technology constantly expanding and changing, your ability to determine where you want to go has to be somewhat flexible to allow you to adapt. This means you’ll need to gather more input and more insight into…
  4. Where Technology is Going. This is where you really start to need resources, support, and the guidance of knowledgeable experts.

So this is where New Horizons Computer Learning Centers (NHCLC) comes in. No, this is not a sales pitch, it’s just a logical observation.

Look at NHCLC as a community. In our community, we have instructors with literally decades of real-world experience. They’re well hooked-up with the premier technology providers in the IT industry, including Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, and many others. Those leaders are constantly showing us where their roadmaps are going. What’s coming next. What’s coming down the road.

We share that insight with you. We work to help you match up your ambitions with where they are going so you can ride with their momentum.

Never Travel Alone

Armed with a well-informed roadmap you feel confident in every investment of time, money, and effort you make in furthering your own tech education. You know each class, each lab, and each experience is taking you closer and closer to just where you want to be. Nothing is more critical to your success. Nothing is more valuable. Nothing is more fulfilling than following your own roadmap to the career of your dreams.