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July 3, 2018
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Feeling Stuck in Your Career?

IT CAREER | New Horizons Computer Learning Center Career Development

If you really hate when people point out to you how foolish you’re being when you’re feeling bad or frustrated, you probably shouldn’t read this blog post.

Especially if you’re working in the IT industry and feeling stuck in your career right now. If that describes you, then this blog post is going to make you feel pretty foolish so you should probably just put it down and move on to some other reading material.

On the Other Hand

If, on the other hand, you realize that what you need right now is a swift kick in the keister, then you’ve come to the right place. Look, all of this is going to be stuff you already know to some extent, so read it because you really need to read it right now.

Almost anyone who works alongside you in the IT industry will tell you that the primary reason they stay in it is because it is constantly changing, growing, and expanding. What was true yesterday is already outdated today, and what was new yesterday is about to be upgraded, updated, or replaced. Keeping up with it all is a big part of the challenge, but also what makes it so constantly stimulating.

So if you’re feeling stuck in your career in IT, own it. Take full responsibility for it and for fixing it right away.

Fixing It

Here’s a major factoid which you may be missing: Almost every employer wants employees who want to do more.

If you think about it, it just makes sense. An employee who wants to do more brings more success and more profit into the company, and that is every manager’s primary goal. In fact, they’re more than happy to invest in those people who raise their hand and say, “I want to learn more, to do more.” They’ll invest in your training. They’ll invest more in you. They’ll promote you.

Help Them Help You

Here’s another bit of advice: Help your manager help you. Tell them what you want to learn, and how it benefits the company. Help them grow the company. Help them make more contributions to the company. Don’t wait for them to ask you if you’d like to go to the next training because they can just as easily ask someone else for any one of a million bad reasons. Be the go-to for training and skills expansion. Be the go-to for a wider variety of assignments.

A Wider Variety of Assignments

Does that sound like the ideal cure for career boredom? A wider variety of assignments?

Look. It is you who are sitting feeling bad about how stuck you are. Unstuck yourself. Look at machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, internet-of-things, big data, mobility, security, and all the other amazing new technologies that are rising up all around us.

If you’re in tech because you love tech, then stop wallowing right now and call New Horizons for help building your own career path. Better yet, check out the New Horizons Course Catalog and use it to jumpstart your enthusiasm. Look at all those juicy courses just waiting for you to take them and squeeze every last drop out of them. Then click on the button below.